Lavender Essential Oil Uses

Not only does lavender essential oil smell wonderful, but it does some pretty amazing things. Lavender has been used for centuries for its unmistakable aroma and its many therapeutic benefits. It is most known for its soothing properties, helping you relax from whatever stress is ailing you.You can use lavender topically to help reduce muscle tension or you can inhale it to help promote relaxation for a restful night’s sleep… Read More

The Benefits of Epsom Salt

In lieu of my latest post I thought I would post how beneficial Epsom Salt is. Taking baths are rare for me. I really enjoy taking baths, but I never have the time to do it. Being a mom of four girls, starting my own business, blogging, and my other responisibilites kind of leave me with very little time for myself. While I was looking for a great bath salt recipe for.. Read More

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