What can you do with Protective Blend Essential Oil?

Its winter, which means it’s cold outside and cold and flu season is in full swing! I don’t know about you, but I am a little paranoid about sending my kids to school or my husband to work afraid of what germs they will bring back home to share with the family. Or at least I use to be before essential oils. We have been a lot healthier this winter… Read More

Hoarding Your Oils?

A phrase stood out to me while I was listening in on a conference call that my team put on. The lady speaking said “I realized I was hoarding my oils and trying to make them last as long as I could. Only I realized that my family and I suffered more because of it. We got sick more often and were not able to receive the many benefits from.. Read More

Tips to Staying Healthy in the Winter

Winter is here, and so are all the colds, flu’s, stomach bugs, and all other illnesses you don’t want in your house. Especially when you have a house full of kids, and I have noticed the one thing they don’t mind sharing is germs! Below are some helpful tips to help keep you and your family healthier this winter. Exercise 30 minutes a day. Run, walk, cycle, any kind of physical fitness.. Read More

Essential Oils my Life Saver as a Mom

Recently I had a sick husband home from work. Normally I love spending time with my husband when he is home. However, this was a little different because he had germs and he was contagious. You see, my kids and germs really get along, in the past if one person in the house got sick then we were all bound to get sick. It  felt like we didn’t have any immune.. Read More

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