Mood Management Part 2 Stimulating Oils

If you missed part 1 to this mini series of essential oils on mood management I really recommend you go read it first. It quickly explains how essential oils can help with our emotional health. With that said, I am not going to review the last post and just dive into part 2. Stimulating Oils It’s mid-afternoon, you’ve had a long day and got a lot done, but your day is.. Read More

Mood Management Part 1 Uplifting Oils

A lot of us focus on our physical health and forget about our emotional health, but did you know that emotional stability plays an important role in our overall health? Essential Oils can help improve or resolve emotional issues safely, no side effects. Let me explain why aroma affects the brain so powerfully.  According to Dr. David Hill, D.C. (Chief Medical Advisor Chairman and Scientific Advisory Board for a large.. Read More

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