Using Essential Oils Aromatically

There are great health benefits when we use essential oils aromatically. They can help support the respiratory system, immune system, elevate mood, help with relaxation and cleanse the air. I have used my essential oils for all of those reasons. The most popular way to use essential oils aromatically, is with a diffuser. This comes in handy when there is sicknss in my home. I diffuse to help kill germs.. Read More

Diffuser Blends

Looking for some blends to put in your diffuser? Below you will find different blends to choose from for whatever suits the mood you are in. The Immune Booster is great one to diffuse in the winter, especially with all the sickness that is going around. Need to wind down from a busy day, try the relaxation blend or stress reliever blend. One of my favorites is the focus/energy blend. I love the.. Read More

Hoarding Your Oils?

A phrase stood out to me while I was listening in on a conference call that my team put on. The lady speaking said “I realized I was hoarding my oils and trying to make them last as long as I could. Only I realized that my family and I suffered more because of it. We got sick more often and were not able to receive the many benefits from.. Read More

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