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What’s in Your Skin Care Products?

There are so many skin care products out there that it can feel a bit overwhelming as to which line and/or brand is best for you. Did you know that a lot of those products have harmful ingredients in them with scary side effects. Dyes are a popular ingredient, specificall Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green, that you will find in Food, Drug, and Cosmetics. If you see on the label.. Read More

Lavender Essential Oil Uses

Not only does lavender essential oil smell wonderful, but it does some pretty amazing things. Lavender has been used for centuries for its unmistakable aroma and its many therapeutic benefits. It is most known for its soothing properties, helping you relax from whatever stress is ailing you.You can use lavender topically to help reduce muscle tension or you can inhale it to help promote relaxation for a restful night’s sleep… Read More

DIY Non-Toxic Household Cleaners

Do you ever get tired of breathing in chemicals while you clean your house? I do! I want a germ free home just like anyone else, but not at the expense of my health! Curious of what’s inside some of your household cleaners? Phthalates, Perchloroethylene or “Perc”, Triclosan, Quarternary Ammonium Compounds or “Quats, Butozyethanol, Ammonia, Chlorine, and Sodium Hydroxide are just a few dangerous toxins you find in your cleaners… Read More

Weight Loss, Healthy Metabolisim and Help Curb those Cravings

  Losing weight is hard, I get it! I had to go through the process 4 times after each baby! I am not one of those girls that slim right up after the baby comes. Sure nursing helped some but to get back to my pre-pregnancy size took a lot of hard work and it took time. In today’s world when we want something we usually want it NOW! However,.. Read More

Need Help Getting Started with Essential Oils?

Being new to essential oils can feel a bit overwhelming when you know very little about them. When I first got mine I had no clue what to do with them and unfortunately they sat in my bedroom for a few months unused. However, slowly over time I educated myself and did a lot of researching with websites and reading several books on how to use essential oils. I am no expert.. Read More

A Safe and Natural Pest Control

I cannot express how happy I am that the weather is finally getting warmer. I am originally from Las Vegas, NV and March weather is awesome. It’s in the 70’s and 80’s. So all of my family out there are posting nice pictures of them and their kids hanging outside while I’m looking out my window and seeing snow. So not fair, but our time has come and we are.. Read More

The King of Essential Oils

Its no wonder why Frankincense Essential Oil is referred to as “The King of Essential Oils”. You read about it in the bible, when the Three Kings brought gifts to baby Jesus with one gift being Frankincense. The ancient Egyptians used Frankincense resin for everything from perfume to salves for skin ailments. This wonderful essential oil can be used for a variety of issues you may deal with. Frankincense is.. Read More

Which Carrier Oil is right for you?

Do you use essential oils? Then you might be interested in this post about carrier oils. One of the most popular carrier oil used is fractionated coconut oil. What’s the difference between fractionated coconut oil and regular coconut oil? Fractionated coconut oil is always in liquid form, never solidifies, where the regular coconut oil can be melted into liquid but hardens once it cools off. However not everyone can use.. Read More

What can you do with Protective Blend Essential Oil?

Its winter, which means it’s cold outside and cold and flu season is in full swing! I don’t know about you, but I am a little paranoid about sending my kids to school or my husband to work afraid of what germs they will bring back home to share with the family. Or at least I use to be before essential oils. We have been a lot healthier this winter… Read More

The Benefits of Epsom Salt

In lieu of my latest post I thought I would post how beneficial Epsom Salt is. Taking baths are rare for me. I really enjoy taking baths, but I never have the time to do it. Being a mom of four girls, starting my own business, blogging, and my other responisibilites kind of leave me with very little time for myself. While I was looking for a great bath salt recipe for.. Read More

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