There are great health benefits when we use essential oils aromatically. They can help support the respiratory system, immune system, elevate mood, help with relaxation and cleanse the air. I have used my essential oils for all of those reasons.

The most popular way to use essential oils aromatically, is with a diffuser. This comes in handy when there is sicknss in my home. I diffuse to help kill germs in the air, to help support our immune systems, and respiratory system when we have colds. Another good use is to help clean the air especially when you have stinky kids or smelly trash. I do recommend taking the smelly trash out to help with that problem. 🙂 I also like to use mine at night and put calming essential oils in it to help me sleep at night.

However diffusers are an extra expense that some people just can’t afford right away. Not to worry, because diffusers are not the only way you can use essential oils aromatically. There are other ways you can use it that will cost you little to nothing.

  1. Place a drop in the palm of your hand, rub together, and inhale. Great for when you need a pick me up, peppermint and orange mixed together is a great for an energy booster.
  2. Drip 2-3 drops onto the floor of the hot shower, but be sure to put it away from the water path, and breathe in. This would be great for when you need help opening your airways. Hot steam and eucalyptus together is amazing!
  3. Add a couple of drops to your pillow and bed linens. Lavender and Bergamot  are great to help your body wind down for a good nights sleep.
  4. Add to household surface cleaner (or your homemade one), or to your load of laundry.
  5. You can buy necklace and/or bracelet diffusers. Put your favorite essential on it and smell it throughout your day to keep you energized, or relaxed.

Don’t let not owning a diffuser stop you from enjoying the health benefits from using essential oils aromatically. It can give you that boost you need to get you through the normal stresses of day to day life.

*Studies show convincing evidence that simply inhaling the aroma of an essential oil is effective for calming nervous or anxious feelings in a variety of settings.

My favorite calming blend:

2 drops of lavender

2 drops of grapefruit

My favorite pick me up blend:

2 drops of peppermint

2 drops of orange

If you have a favorite essential oil blend that you would like to share please leave a comment.