It’s official as of last Monday my kids are now back in school. My house is a lot more quiet, and I have more time to get things done around here, except for when my 3 year old daughter isn’t occupying my time. I will admit it was a great relaxing summer, getting to sleep in, not having to worry about making lunches in the morning, doing homework in the late afternoon and getting my kids into bed in time so they will get a decent nights sleep. I now have to get into the swing of things, and get back on schedule. Which means I should probably get to bed at a decent hour, so I can help my girls in the morning getting ready. This also means I need to go back to taking a few extra precautions in keeping my kids healthy this school year, and not have them bring home every sickness they come across. We all know if just one kid brings it home, we’re all eventually doomed!

Let’s start with head lice. It feels like every school year I get a dozen notices from the school of how they found head lice in one of my girls grades. I have a house full of girls, every lice dream home, I really don’t want to risk bringing lice into my home. So I take some extra precaution and use the wonderful essential oil tea tree! Tea tree oil is wonderful and all natural lice repellent that can save you a lot of trouble and headache. There are a few ways you can use this oil, so pick and choose which will work best for you.

What I like to do is put tea tree oil in my kid’s shampoo to help keep the lice away. Every time you open a new bottle of shampoo don’t forget to put the tea tree oil in it. I like to add 10-20 drops depending on the size of the bottle. If you don’t like that idea then you can do it the way some of my friends do which is to put tea tree oil (about 10-20 drops) in a spray bottle with water or hair detangler and spray your kids hair every morning to keep the lice away.

Now what happens if you’re too late and your kid already has lice. Well, there are lots of over the counter products you can buy, but a lot of them only kill the bug itself not the eggs, not much of a help if you ask me. Tea tree oil will kill it all. Use a tea tree shampoo either one you bought or made and let sit for 30 minutes. Wash with warm water and comb out the dead lice. For problem areas, put a couple drops of the essential oil on the spots that are really bothersome, cover hair and sleep overnight with a towel on your pillow. In the morning wash your hair with warm water and comb out the dead lice.

I had a friend who had lice as well as daughter and tried over the counter products to get rid of them, but wasn’t having much success. So she used tea tree oil to try and kill it. She wasn’t taking any chances and used a lot of oil on her hair and let it sit overnight, but it worked, next morning she was combing the dead lice out her and her daughter’s hair. She did it 2-3 times until no more lice came out.

I however suggest you do not take any chances and start using preventative measures now, so you won’t have to deal with the headache later.

**Before using tea tree oil be sure to test a small portion on your skin to make sure you do not have any skin irritation or allergies.**