www.dropsofnourishment.comGardening to me seemed overwhelming because there was so much to learn and I knew nothing about it! I didn’t even want to attempt to try it, until I had tried my very first garden tomato from a neighbor! Oh.. My..Gosh! It was absolutely delicious, flavorful, meaty, and juicy, it was nothing like a tomato you would get at a grocery store! That moment I made my decision to start my own garden next summer.

Well, next summer came and I had no idea what to do. We picked an area in our yard that had good sunlight and was out of the way from my kids. We picked out some plants that we wanted and planted them in the garden. Lucky for us we live in Maryland otherwise gardening would have been a lot harder, but Maryland soil is great and there is always rain to water the plants. I was so happy to see my garden grow and even more excited at all the vegetables we were getting.

Being new gardeners we may have planted too many tomato plants that year, but that was a problem I can live with. We ended up having a lot of fresh salsa and homemade brushetta- yummy! Its all about experimenting and learning. We learned that lettuce is better in the spring and  fall. Peas also are better in the spring. All in all it was a great success and knew this was going to be something I do every year!

This summer we have our garden for the 2nd year in a row and planted a little less so we wouldn’t have too much like last year. Our tomato plants were doing great but as they started to produce tomatoes in late June they started to die. The leaves were turning yellow with spots, which was killing the plant.  I didn’t know what to do I am no garden expert so I did what everyone does when they have a problem they can’t solve. I googled it. I found a YouTube video that said there is no cure but you can stop the disease from spreading by adding water and baking soda in a spray bottle. While I think it was helping I still noticed the plant was dying.

I told a friend of mine about my garden troubles and she said she had the same problem last year with her tomato plants and she sprayed oregano essential oil in some water on her tomato plants. She had great results, so I thought I would give it a try. I added the oregano oil to my water with baking soda and sprayed my plants everyday, well almost everyday. At that point I had to be patient and wait and see. After about 2 weeks I saw new leaves and new blossoms which was a great sign. About a week or so after that new tomatoes started coming in, I was ecstatic. Tomatoes are my favorite thing to grow in my garden so I would be greatly disappointed if I didn’t get very many this year.

I suppose I could have gone to the store and asked for their help, but I didn’t want to spray chemicals on my plants, that was the whole purpose of growing my own garden, to be free of chemicals. I love having natural options that work. I think one thing to remember when using essential oils is to be consistent to see results!

What essential oils do you like to use in your garden?