Do you use essential oils? Then you might be interested in this post about carrier oils. One of the most popular carrier oil used is fractionated coconut oil. What’s the difference between fractionated coconut oil and regular coconut oil? Fractionated coconut oil is always in liquid form, never solidifies, where the regular coconut oil can be melted into liquid but hardens once it cools off.

However not everyone can use fractionated coconut oil due to allergies. So I thought I would post different kind of carrier oils you can use. Keep in mind that the smell of some carrier oils can interfere with the smell of the essential oils.

Carrier oils are used with essential oils for safety reasons. Essential oils are very potent and a drop can go a long way. Some essential oils can be skin sensitive and can cause a rash if not diluted with a carrier oil. Oregano is a hot oil and can burn the skin if not diluted. Another thing carrier oils can do is help your skin absorb the essential oil. When you apply an essential oil straight, up to 80% of that oil can evaporate before your skin can absorb it, therefore depriving you the many benefits from it.

Below you will find an image of the different carrier oils you can use and what they are good for. While I always like to dilute all of my essential oils the ones listed on the bottom should definitely be used with a carrier oil.

What’s your favorite carrier oil?