If you missed part 1 to this mini series of essential oils on mood management I really recommend you go read it first. It quickly explains how essential oils can help with our emotional health. With that said, I am not going to review the last post and just dive into part 2.

Stimulating Oils

It’s mid-afternoon, you’ve had a long day and got a lot done, but your day is not over yet. You need some help getting your mind to focus, and a boost of energy wouldn’t hurt either. Before you reach for that unhealthy snack, soda, or coffee let me introduce to you a more natural approach. dōTerra’s Essential Oils.

Let’s face it we all need a pick me up sometime during the day, and while a lot of people use caffeine or energy drinks, there is a more healthy and natural method. These essential oils are great to help stimulate your mind and body. Need help with getting some energy to exercise try smelling some peppermint? At work and can’t focus? Try diffusing some Rosemary to help promote concentration. Or maybe your kids had a long www.dropsofnourishment.comday at school and now need help to focus on their homework. Peppermint and Orange diffused together not only smells amazing but could help get their minds back on track. These oils can be great to help stimulate your mind and invigorate your body.

What exactly do essential oils do? Great question, here are some examples of how they work. Rosemary helps reduce nervous tension and fatigue, Peppermint is re-energizing, Basil promotes mental alertness and lessens anxiety, and Grapefruit helps reduce mental and physical fatigue.

Let’s also not forget that essential oils are multi-functional. For example, you may buy Peppermint to help with your energy, but you can also use it for stomach aches, headaches, sore muscles, and for clear breathing. All of these wonderful benefits in one bottle.

Next time you feel like you are mentally or physically dragging go ahead and grab that bottle of  essential oil. Because not only will you fill rejuvenated you will also be doing your health a favor due to essential oils boundless and positive health effects.

Leave a comment and share your favorite essential oil that helps stimulate your mind or revitalize your body.

Don’t miss part 3 on mood management where I will tell you what essential oils are best for calming down and sleeping.

**I just want to clarify that oils should not replace food. Go ahead and enjoy a snack but reach for a healthy snack and stay clear from the junk food. The oils are there to help in addition to a good healthy diet.**