Peppermint is frequently used in toothpaste and chewing gum for oral health.  It has a wide variety of uses that you will find most helpful.

Peppermint Oil is one of my favorites. I use this oil probably at least once a day, whether it’s for me or for my kids it gets plenty of use in my house. Before you use Peppermint Essential Oil please be aware of possible skin sensitivity. I dilute my oil with a carrier oil when I use it on my kids as well as myself. It has a cooling effect when applied on the skin that is a bit strong. Definitely avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Remember that one drop is quite potent and goes a long ways, so keep that in mind if you are using it in food and beverages, as well as in your mouth.

Below are my favorite top ten uses for Peppermint Oil.

  1. Use for upset stomachs by rubbing a drop on the belly or use it aromatically in your diffuser. (Don’t have a diffuser, simply put a drop in your hands, cup and bring to your face to breathe in.
  2. For allergy season, and cold and flu season keep a bottle of Peppermint handy to promote healthy respiratory function and clear breathing.
  3. Have a headache you want to get rid of? Try a few drops of Peppermint dabbed on your temples, neck and sinuses for some relief.
  4. Peppermint is great to cool down fevers, or if you’re suffering from hot flashes. Some great place to apply would be the forehead, back of neck, and/or down the spine.
  5. Enhance your chocolate with some Peppermint. Try it in your hot chocolate, brownies, frosting, and whatever else you want to liven up.
  6. Want an all-natural insect repellant? Diffuse in the air or spray around the baseboards to keep those annoying critters away. (Ex. spiders, ants, beetles, cockroaches, and mice). *note: it does not kill them just forces them out.*
  7. Rather then grabbing an unhealthy snack mid afternoon, re-energize by applying Peppermint to the palms of hands and deeply inhaling.
  8. Don’t know how to remove a tick? Bathe the tick with some peppermint oil with a cotton swab. The tick will stop burrowing, remove its head and then he’s yours to kill.
  9. Kids dragging with their homework? Spray some peppermint on your kid’s shirt, put a drop in their mouth, or diffuse in a diffuser to help improve your child’s concentration and alertness.
  10. Need some help to get you motivated to exercise? Give your Peppermint oil a good whiff that will immediately awaken your senses and get you in your right mind to burn some fat.

What is your favorite use for Peppermint Essential Oil?